Joshua Krause has exhibited his art and design work in over 200 shows since 2000. His impulsive and improvisational works are made entirely of scavenged, discarded books. The work often evokes desolate landscapes reflecting self, timelessness, destruction, and ultimately renewal. With a nod to simplicity, modernism and Japanese aesthetics, Joshua taps into the primal desire to express, create, and communicate. 
Dialogue: The Fine Art of Conversation |
Cancelled Flight |
Pictoplasma - Characters in Motion (96 page book + 180 min DVD) |
Stash DVD Magazine |
I Am 8-bit (Chronicle Books) |
First Place | Judges Vote-Best Animation | Altpick, 2004
First Place | Popular Vote-Best Animation | Altpick, 2004
Partial client list: 
Fuel TV(FOX Cable Networks), The New York Times, Gyro Advertising, Apparatus Inc., Option Snowboarding, Fast Company, The Financial Times, CIO Magazine, Sojourners, Government Executive, Jazziz Magazine, The Progressive, BPM Magazine, Washington Design, Copper Press, Clamor Magazine, Pennsylvania Gazette, Plan Sponsor, Soft Skull Press, Low Apparel, Second Nature Recordings, Revelation Records, Better Looking Records, Loud+Clear Records, Escapist Skateboarding, San Diego CityBeat, San Diego Fahrenheit, San Diego Music Awards, Holiday Matinee, Bulldog Drummond, and many more.
Arrow Magazine, 2006
San Diego Union Tribune (Robert Pincus), 2005
Fecal Face, 2005
Altpick, 2004
Antipoda, 2004